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What I liked:
The Ruined is the final book, but as many reviewers have said, it did not feel like the end. Is there a spin-off in the wings that will give us closure on some of the other storylines that seemed to be lacking in this final book? The book is fast-paced, and it is easy to fall back into the story as we waited a long time for this one. The Author achieved greatness in the themes of love, loss, trust, and sacrifice, but I wanted a more adventurous, thrilling, and touching romantic ending.
Final Verdict:
I feel we were left with many more questions than happily ever after, and I hope there may be another story hiding in the wings. It would not be the first time an author says this series is done, and suddenly, we get another book years later. We shall see.
Audiobook Review: Strong narrator who thankfully narrated this whole quartet of books. Lauren Ezzo is easy to listen to and brings life to the characters as she narrates the story. I think an audiobook is the way to go for this series, as it was easy to fall into the story and see myself in New Orleans and in the Land of the Fae.
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