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A story about removing the limits we set on ourselves
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Pinki is a rakkhosh with the power of fire. As awesome as that is, her issue is that she can't control the point of almost burning her school down. When the son of the Serpentine Governor offers to teach Pinki control in exchange for her capturing the last moonbeams (and thus solidifying the serpents' rule), she agrees. But once she discovers the moonbeams are actually a person, she has to decide if she will follow in her parents' footsteps and join the resistance or focus only on herself and her own goals.

FORCE OF FIRE is an action-packed, character-focused fantasy middle grade novel. Pinki is an awesome anti-heroine who lives with the heavy weight of a legacy on her shoulders. She is often mocked in school for the things her parents did, in addition to her lack of control over her fire. While Pinki comes across as very angry, it is evident that she also carries a lot of pain. She believes the easy way in life is only caring about herself, in order to minimize the pain. Pinki has a fantastic character arc of learning to let others in and to embrace her own power through love.

Readers who love the humor and awkwardness of Aru Shah will find a friend in Pinki and root for her journey to break the limits she sets on herself and open her 3 hearts to friendship and love.
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