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The Outsiders S.E Hinton GREAT BOOK !!!!
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Reader reviewed by Ashley

The Outsiders By S.E Hinton is a spectacular novel. It deals with challenges in life and how to over come them. Who's a good friend and who's not. The main character is a boy named ' PonyBoy Curtis. He lives with his two older brothers, Darry and Sodapop. Their parents died in an accident. The boys are barely making it by, but they have friends to help them through it. Their friends are like a gang. Always stick by them even when trouble comes. The boys are called "greasers"; they are poor and come from broken homes. And socs are the rich, "upper class' kids. They drive nice cars, dress nice, and they think their better then everyone else. My favourite character from the Outsiders would have to be Dallas Winston. He is the toughest greaser in their gang. Dallas has blond hair, blue eyes, and doesn't put grease in his hair. Dally takes pride in his criminal record. And wouldn't let anything happen to Johnny or Pony boy. I like his character because he is the bad boy. All the girls want him. He's mysterious, and tough. Acts like a jerk but deep down isn't. I would recommended this book to everyone who hasn't read it before. S.E Hinton is a great author who writes awesome books. Its interesting how she uses her intials instead of her full name. So no one knows if she is a boy or girl and would read the book. 
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