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What I Loved:
Jodi Meadows blew me away with her Newsoul trilogy (go pick it up, people!). I never thought she could've topped such a relatable heroine and unique setting, but she proved me wrong with THE ORPHAN QUEEN.

There are familiar fantasy elements here: dangerous magic, a princess looking to retake her kingdom, an enimagic masked vigilante, a ragtag crew of orphans. But all of these familiar elements blend together into a unique and compelling story set against a seemingly hopeless backdrop. Woven throughout the land is an encroaching magic that can't be stopped, but that certainly doesn't stem the political intrigue.

And then there's Wil's journey, which is one of self-discovery. She holds fast to her moral center; though the people she trusts pressure her to choose one course, she sticks to her what she knows is right in her heart. While keeping to her convictions, she struggles with the kind of leader she wants to be.

What Left Me Wanting More:
HOLY CLIFFHANGER. I actually gasped out loud when I read the last sentence, and then I yelled, "that can't be it!" I was torn between fury and an intense desire to build a time machine to jump forward to the sequel's release day.

The Final Verdict:
THE ORPHAN QUEEN is a delightful and engrossing fantasy tale filled with espionage, magic, and danger.
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