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Action, Intrigue, and Magic, Oh My!
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THE ORPHAN QUEEN is a compelling, action-packed fantasy adventure full of vigilante shenanigans, secret identities, palace intrigue, and magic that frankly terrified me once I realized what was going on. From the first page, the reader is thrust into the action, and the story remains relentlessly entertaining. There's something here for everyone--a well-constructed fantasy world complete with a rich, complex history and vivid settings, plotting, secrets, and politics for those who love Game of Thrones-esque adventures, a slow-moving romance that brings a hint of swoon to the pages, and through it all, a heroine who will capture readers and make them root for her success.

The heroine is one of the best parts of this novel. Her inner strength and convictions fuel every action she takes, and she remains true to her course even when others question her, when obstacles mount, and when the consequences of her actions make her wonder if her goal is worth the cost. Her narrative voice is unflinchingly honest and sometimes funny, and it invites the reader into her world.

The world is another strength in this story. Complex history, a fascinating mythology, and enough war and intrigue to keep any fantasy reader happy make this an enjoyable world to explore. The settings are well-imagined, and the reader will have no difficulty picturing each scene as it happens.

Finally, the mythology of magic in this story is very unique, and it makes THE ORPHAN QUEEN stand out as a fresh, compelling option for fantasy readers.

Final Verdict:

THE ORPHAN QUEEN is a relentlessly compelling fantasy adventure perfect for fans of the genre.

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