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Alright, if you read my review of The F Word, you know how attached I already am to these characters. I loved the first book because of how real and relatable it was, but I loved this second book just as much… maybe even a tiny bit more. My favorite tropes are childhood friends-to-more and enemies-to-more, and this combined them both perfectly!

The whole story was so heartfelt. While I could directly relate to the two big issues in the first book, I could still relate to this book as well. No, I’m not a secret rock star, but I have always struggled to figure out who I am and where I fit in. Depending on who I am with, I tend to change my personality. I know this is a common occurrence, but in high school and my first attempt at college, it was extreme in my case. I often felt like two different people, which is what Nari struggles with throughout this book. Plus, like her, I don’t cuss. Every time they tease her for saying “I’m a poop” or something makes me laugh because it is 100% me.

Avery, on the other hand, is rude and popular, but deep down he’s still the sweet guy Nari grew up with. His tough exterior comes from his internal struggle with the accident, as well as dealing with an alcoholic father who expects too much from him. I have a huge soft spot for characters like this, and I always will.

Then there are the new characters: Becks, Nicky, and Wylder. We don’t get to know Wylder super well, but the other two are in the story quite a bit. Nicky is Avery’s younger brother, and Becks is Avery’s best friend. Both are wonderful characters, whom I love with all my heart. In fact, Becks is now my favorite character in the series. He’s a popular football player, but he’s nice to everyone and funny. I want more about him!

The N Word was very well written. Like the first book, it felt very real and everything was paced well. I really love the dual point of views in this series. It gives a great look into both characters.

I am absolutely loving this series and cannot wait for more. I just really need a Becks book in my life… but until then, I’ll be reading about Julian and Addison next in The C Word, which releases this week (July 11, 2019)!

*Full original review on Functionally Fictional.*
Good Points
- Extremely lovable characters (Looking at you, Becks)
- Realistic, relatable issues
- Well written and easy to read
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