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The Mystery of Hollow Places
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We've all been there.
Lonely and depressed.
Pushing our loved ones away. Running from this or that.
Depression doesn't care that you have a family. It doesn't care that you have a job.
It takes over everything.

And some of us come to reason that these things are not okay and seek help.
Others wallow in it for years.

The Mystery of Hollow Places tackles depression in a way that I was not prepared for.
It's raw and honest.

It's not the main focus of this book, but it's hard to read it and not feel it there.

The writing is beautiful and enthralling and made the book fly by.
I never felt bogged down or bored. I was caught up in the mystery of where Imogene's father was and what the deal with her mother was. I was constantly surprised and never really figured things out ahead of time.

There was only one problem, and it was the main character.
Imogene treats her friend, Jessa, horribly. She's incredibly judgy and somewhat self centered. She's rude to her stepmother who only wants to help her. I don't care if your mother left you when you were young, that does not give you the right to act like you're above everyone else. Like your problems come first. Like you can just give up and tell the world go to hell when things don't work out your way. (and the same goes for Imogene's mother).

However entitled she was, I have to give the girl props. She is an excellent detective!

I enjoyed the story in The Mystery of Hollow Places just as much as the gorgeous writing.
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