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A group of animals put their heads together and try to determine which physical attribute is the best to protect themselves. The bunny thinks it's his long ears. The bird believes it's his wings. While each animal announces its strength, the others picture themselves with that same trait. In the end, the owl teaches a valuable lesson that no one attribute is better than the other. Instead, each animal possesses different traits and that's what makes each and every one special and unique.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is a silly story that had my daughter laughing and wanting to reread it over and over. The illustrations are bold and humorous with animals possessing different parts of other animals. I love the message that the most important thing to be is you and how everyone is unique in their own way. Of course, it's perfect the owl is the one to say this because he's the wisest one of the bunch. The format is engaging with the flaps that fold out on each page to reveal a surprise from the animals, enough to stimulate a child's imagination.

Final Verdict: Overall, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is a very entertaining book. I would recommend this for parents looking to share a laugh with their child. It's also perfect for fans of animals and learning about their defense mechanisms against predators.
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