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The Mortal Instruments, my point of view
(Updated: October 08, 2013)
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First of all, I had wanted to read it for a very long time because it had good critics, the story seemed great and I love series, you have more time to love the characters. When I learned a movie was going to be made, I bought the books to read them before the movie (I hate going to see a movie without having read the book when there is one). I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a great story, with a lot of imagination, and you can easily believe in the story, I mean the author doesn’t make huge mistakes about how this new world works. I think it’s really hard not to make any mistakes when you write about a world that doesn’t exist, you have to work on every detail because people need to believe in this new world and when something feels wrong, the reader doesn’t believe in it anymore.
The only thing that wasn’t really clear was when people could see the Shadowhunters or not (they are demon hunters and people are not supposed to see them), I didn’t understand this very well. The story is well constructed and you never get bored. I had a problem at the beginning because there was too much action and not enough thoughts. It felt like a succession of actions where you didn’t get the feelings of the characters enough. I felt a change around page 300 or a little before, after they went to the vampires’ lair. Much more feelings, still a lot of action but it was better written since that part of the book. Maybe it’s just my imagination but I really felt a change.

Anyway, a really great book if you like young adult fantasy novels. It made me think of a lot of other books because I read a lot, but it has its differences, I loved it and I can’t wait to read the following books.
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