The Librarian’s Corner



I am happy to share with the YABC community the brand new Librarian’s Corner column! This column features three themed book recommendations from a Teen Librarian each month. My name is Eden Grey, and I’ll be doing the column each month. I am a Teen Librarian, and I absolutely love my job! Besides working with teens, my favorite part of my job is doing Reader’s Advisory – I love finding out what young readers enjoy and recommending books to them. I’m excited to use my knowledge of YA books to share books with the YABC community. 
The first Librarian’s Corner theme is books for new Teen Services staff. If you have suggestions or interest in particular themes, shoot me a message or tweet and I’ll make note of it! 
For the first ever Librarian’s Corner column I wanted to feature books that someone who is new to library-land or new to serving teens and readers of Young Adult Fiction should know about and read. These are books that have been very strongly pushed by their publishers, and that have had a huge fan response. Readers are talking about these books, and you’re going to need to join in the conversation! 


Taking the book-loving world by storm last winter, Marie Rutkowski’s series opener, THE WINNER’S CURSE, is a story of love, politics, betrayal, and passion set in a breathtaking world of beauty and intrigue. A YABC Reviewer calls it a brilliant start to a new high fantasy series, and warns readers to not let the swoony cover sway you – THE WINNER’S CURSE is a brilliantly crafted high fantasy story. I know that all of the young women working at my public library are in love with the series – they fight to be first on the list for the library’s copies of the series! Rutkowski’s new series is a real winner, and one that YA readers of every age will be talking about. 


2. A Court of Thorns and Roses


Sarah J. Maas is a force to be reckoned with in the YA world, and well-loved by her legion of readers. The first book in a new series, A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES, is fondly known by its fans as ACOTAR. A fiery romance set in a fairy tale style Beauty and the Beast setting, ACOTAR tells the story of a young woman imprisoned by an immortal faerie. Feyre’s burning hatred molds itself into passion during her time with Tamlin, the faerie “beast.” Teen readers will be drawn in by the beautiful cover and the promise of swoony romance, while adult readers will love the intricate fantasy world-building, as well as the New Adult-style relationship. ACOTAR is slated for publication on May 15, 2015, but it has already taken the YA world by storm.  


3. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


Becky Albertalli’s first novel is an incredibly authentic and heartfelt debut novel that follows Simon Spiers through his junior year of high school. Romance, parties, angst, drama club, and many conversations in a Waffle House are in store for readers. Simon Spier’s junior year of high school is a fantastic and funny adventure reminiscent of Andrew Smith’s WINGER. Simon’s voice is authentic and relatable – readers will love how honestly he talks about his sexuality and the way he deals with having to come out as gay to his school and family. SIMON was released in early April of this year, and it has been very popular with the YA community. Teens will absolutely love the humor and the authentic voice, and really be able to relate to the ways Simon and Blue discuss the world and sexuality. 



Eden Grey is the Young Adult Programming Librarian at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Public Library system, the busiest branch library in the state of Kentucky. Eden is a contributor to Teen Services Underground, and reviews books for YABC and School Library Journal. When she is not herding cats -ahem, teens- at the library, Eden can be found reading, knitting, sewing, cosplaying, and playing Pokemon. You can always find her on Twitter (@edyngrey), and Blogging Between the Lines.