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Soulbound (Legacy of Tril #1)
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Kaya is born a healer, the child of a forbidden union between two, warriors called barrons. The Healers and Barrons are engaged in a longstanding war against the graplars, monstrous beasts and King Darrek,.The healers follow there Barrons into Battle and heal them of wounds so they can continue to fight and the Barrons protect the Healers and themselves. Both are bound by protocol a series of rules that governs Healer/Barron interactions.

After Kaya's father is forced to utilize his Barron abilities to save villagers from a graplar, Kaya, her mother and father are revealed to Barron Society and Kaya is forced to go live at the Shadow Academy, a school devoted to training healers and Barrons.On her way to the school, sheis attacked by a graplar, and is saved by a mysterious silver-haired stranger, Darius, who she later learns is a teacher at the school. Once there Kaya is bound to a Barron, Taryton, and becomes his healer. However, after a few days at the academy, Kaya is extremely disenchanted in the protocol at shadow academy. Healers aren't allowed to fight or learn even self-defense, instead they must rely on their Barron to protect them, and Healers are treated as though they are inferior to Barrons.Kaya refuses to accept the status quo, and asks to be taught to fight. She has two options she can try to convince her Barron, Trayton, who is belives in a strict interpertation if healer/barron etiquette and is very resistant to teaching or she can ask darius, the young teacher who apparently dilikes her for no reason. Only one of the young men agrees to train her and the repercussions from the training and the attraction that Kaya feels for Darius and Trayton, are far-reaching. In the end a battle takes place and a shocking-revelation is revealed.

Soulbound plays with an interesting concept, Healers and Barrons are soulbound at birth with each Healer and Barron somewhere having there opposite counterpart. If a healer or Barron of the soulbound pair dies the remaining individual can be bound with another, though the bound is not as deep usually. Heather Brewer creates a strong- heroine that is unique and willing to take control of her life and destiny. the world of Tril is imaginative and enchanting, with charcters that are equally interesting.

Soulbound has a few aspects, that decrease what could have been a five-star book. Description is lacking in lot of places in the book. The book is slow paced until 1/3 of the way into the story and the beginning feels like it could have been condensed into less pages without harming, the plot or characterization. Also the author falls into the same fantasy teen love triangle, that so many books have nowadays without making, said triangle new or fresh.

Despite these criticisms, Soulbound is an excellent start to a series, with an amazingly strong heroine. Soulbound has Great characters and an interesting plot. The revelation in the end is nothing short of brillant!

Age Group: 13 and older

Content: violence and descriptions of it, made-up curse words(ex. that's fakked up!), kisses, teens drinking wine

Disclaimer: Review is based on ARC with uncorrected text, ARC was obtained from librarything early reviewers giveaway.(less)
Good Points
great premise, an imaginative plot and world
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