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Young Adult Fiction 1332
Can a witch and a pirate fall in love?
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Charlotte Pettifer is prophesied to be the future leader of a secret society for witches. When the long lost (and very powerful) amulet of Black Beryl is stolen (before she can steal it), she knows she must be the one to get it back. Unfortunately, the only person who might be able to help her is none other than a pirate, Mr. Alex O'Riley. As the two form a reluctant partnership, sparks begin to fly, leaving both Charlotte and Alex to question what they really want from life and from each other.

THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEWOMEN WITCHES is a funny fantasy romance filled with banter on top of banter and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. India Holton has a knack for writing dialogue that dares you not to laugh out loud. Charlotte and Alex have a fun relationship that focuses on the lighter end of enemies-to-lovers (they aren't mortal enemies, just social ones). There are purely delightful shenanigans, including multiple instances of a flying house bumping into things it shouldn't, as the two get to know each other while tracking down the amulet.

Though I generally enjoyed the writing and the characters, there are a few things that kept me from really loving and investing in the book. While I love most of the humor, some of it relies on unnecessary gender and social stereotypes. Though there are times when it is clearly well-executed satire, there are others when it misses the mark. The plot is quick and engaging in the beginning and towards the end, but the middle drags a bit, sacrificing some of the sense of urgency.

Overall, this is a solid, light-hearted fantasy romance with magic, humor, and just the right amount of flying houses.
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