The Kingdom’s Daughter

The Kingdom’s Daughter
Publisher Name
Daniel JP Harris
Age Range
Release Date
October 10, 2022
She doesn't believe it. She can't see a hero. But she'll sure fight like one.

After the Third World War, Africa became the governing global power, naming itself the Kingdom. Now, with the resistance growing stronger, the Kingdom must produce an army of super soldiers if they’re to solidify their reign, but that will require the perfect genetic makeup. To obtain this, the Kingdom Trials are born: a series of lethal challenges designed to eliminate all but a single female whose DNA will be crossed with the Kingdom's elite. This girl shall be known as the Kingdom's Daughter, its precious only child who will realize its dream for dominion.

Aletheia Mirabel is just one of thousands who is enslaved for this purpose, but when she reaches the Kingdom, she soon discovers something she lost, and refuses to lose again. It doesn’t matter how. She has to pass the Trials.

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