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Young Adult Fiction 71
The Kindred
(Updated: December 31, 2021)
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Seventeen-year-old Joy Abara, a Hali commoner, and Felix Hamdi, a royal playboy are Kindreds. They come from totally different backgrounds but share one thing. At birth, they were linked together as Kindreds. They share all their thoughts and also intense feelings. Joy knows she can never be anything more than a Kindred due to her humble birth and she tries hard to deny her feelings for Felix. Then there's a royal family assassination and someone is out to kill Joy. They accuse her of plotting the deaths. Felix ends up rescuing her and after they flee the planet they end up crashing on Terra-Earth. These encounters are hilarious at times as they seek help to get away from hunters that mean to kill Joy.

What worked: This is a fast-paced, engaging Sci-Fi that stretches from the Monchuri system to Earth. The relationship between Joy and Felix is filled with angst and tension as they both at first deny their true feelings for each other. Joy is betrothed to Maxon, someone of a higher station who will help her and her mother out of poverty. Felix wants to play in an intergalactic rock band, only he gets sick on stage.

The story comes to life once they crash on Earth. There are some humorous scenes when they encounter their first Human, who passes out. Joy likes being on Earth. Felix though wants to get back and help his captured parents. And then a secret is revealed that causes him to rethink his life and true purpose.

The romantic tension builds throughout the novel. Add some alien assassins, royal secrets, court intrigue, and the possibility of an intergalactic war. Especially funny are Joy and Felix's first encounters with Earth culture. This includes a shout-out to some YA popular authors and of course a love of Taylor Swift.

Diverse Roswell meets Star Crossed tale that brings two people from different backgrounds together in a hilarious at times intergalactic romp through space. All this while trying to clear the names of those in a failed royal coup.
Good Points
1. Diverse Roswell meets Star-Crossed
2. Humorous at times
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