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Chicken and Zombies!
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Background: Nick aka Nero has been sent away to juvenile delinquent camp for bleeding all over chicken at his job and while he is away rehabilitating some weird things start to happen. Nick along with his "camp" mates soon become part of their worst nightmare when their peers and counselors become zombies, yup straight outta the movies, zombies.

Review: It took me a little while to read this book, not for lack of excitement or witty-ness, but you can only have so many zombies before falling asleep... I had zombie dreams for about a week. What does this say about Beaudoin's writing- IT IS AWESOME! His characters, Nick, and the others are hilarious, even in the face of dangers and while being eaten. The descriptions are right on, zombie kids eating someone in a pot-o-potty?... I mean, what is not to love?

Some things that took some getting used to: Nick aka Nero talks to the reader like an audience- cool but weird, he does this to state his "Zombrules." Then there is The Rock, yes, wrestler, actor, producer man with the eyebrow thing- he is in Nick's head, sort of... Nick hears someone talking to him and the voice is that of the Rock. So there is a lot of question as to if Nick is talking to others or himself, or hallucinating...

I must say though, that the ending was my favorite, it was ready for some BS it was all a dream cop-out, but that didn't happen and I am super thankful for it. I was also super excited when an explanation was given for the Zombie outbreak and what had caused it all, I think that is what some zombie movies and books are lacking recently. So good show Beaudoin!

If you are a zombie lover or a fan of chicken-- yes I know this sounds weird-- go grab this book!
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