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Background: The future is overrun with vampires and a vicious disease that has left many of the human citizens dead, turned into monsters, or food for the vampire. To survive one must become Registered to the king of their city and give blood as often as required. Allison is not a Registered, she chooses to fight back against the blood-suckers and keep her blood to herself; the only problem long can that last?

Review: I have not read the Iron Fey series by Kagawa, I know... I really need to, but I think it gave be a better opinion of this book. I knew that faeries were her genre but I had never read those so I only know the vampire series, which can be good and bad. It was good because I did not have one of her Fey books to compare it to, and I think that she did surprisingly well for a vampire book. The bad is also the same thing, with nothing to compare to...other than other vampire books... I was left a little stranded, so I don't know if it was better or worse than her others.

Ok- so compared to other vampire books, I think she did great. I loved this story, knowing Allison as a human and her struggles, living with the pain and guilt of loosing everything she ever had and wanted. I think that it is interesting that she chooses to become one of the things she hates so much and that she is fighting the urge to kill everything like the monsters she believes them to be.
I loved this struggle and I think that Kagawa did a good job portraying it. I cannot wait to read more of this series! There is so much left to be said,so many questions and that is how a series should be, finish off one things and move to the next and hope that the first job you did comes back later to help I right? I really enjoyed this story. I am having a very hard time not ruining it for everyone :/ Read it! You will enjoy!
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