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Either you trust the forest or you don’t?
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What I liked:
Diving back into the world of The Luminaries was like putting on my favorite pajamas. It was like I never left it. I picked up right next to Winnie Wednesday as she embraced being accepted back into The Luminaries and all the crazy stuff like corpse duties, nightmares in the forest, and puzzling clues left by her father. I liked that we learned much more about Diana in this second book. You also need to remember that as a constant in this series, You either trust the forest or don't.
Final Verdict:
With this second book, Winnie Wednesday has become one of the most unique fantasy characters I have read about. The secrets around her and this mysterious Whisperer that no one else can see or smell. What exactly does her dad want her to figure out with all these clues she finds? Also, what in the heck will happen with her and Jay now that we know what we know. Also, I think her Aunt knows a lot about what is happening, and I can not wait to unravel it all.
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