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The Hunt
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Background: Humans no longer exist, they have been hunted out of existence, or so most think. Gene is unlike all of his classmates, and even the world, he is a human, faking his existence as a vampire to fit in. That is, until the Heper Hunt, where the government announces that they have kept some Hepers (humans) in their facilities preparing them for the madness to come. Gene has been living a fake life where humans are considered a delicacy and hunted for their blood, now he has been chosen as one of the few to participate in the Hunt, and his life as he knows it begins to breakaway beneath him.

Review: You can feel the suspense from the very beginning of this book, Gene explaining the rules and daily rituals so that he is not discovered by his school-mates or teachers. On Declaration day, the school is abuzz about the Hunt and who will be lucky enough to be chosen…sadly it is Gene, and his rules have not prepared him for this at all. I loved this read. It was action packed and my anxiety level was through the roof the whole time, never a dull moment, because Gene is always on the verge of being found out. There were great twists and while some things were predictable, they were still entertaining and action packed. The ending is a wonderful surprise.
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