The Hotel for Bugs

The Hotel for Bugs
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April 19, 2022
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The topics of inclusion and exclusion are explored through the adventures of a slug who wants to stay the night in the new “Hotel for Bugs” but is told that he can’t because the hotel is only for bugs.

A new hotel for bugs has just opened, and the local bugs are so excited! When the doors open, they marvel at the decorations, check out the buffet, and lounge by the pool and spa. Soon, a slug enters the building and asks for a room, but the manager tells him that the hotel is only for bugs. The sad slug leaves, and the bugs point out to the manager that even the bugs are all different—and even stranger than the slug! Some of the bugs have ears on their knees, roll poop, and taste flowers with their feet. Can they convince the manager that the hotel is for everyone, not just bugs?

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charming picture book about inclusion
(Updated: July 15, 2022)
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THE HOTEL FOR BUGS is a cute picture book about inclusivity. The hotel for bugs is open for business, and lots of bugs are excited to visit. When a slug arrives, the manager turns them away, saying they are not welcome there. The bugs are speechless, and a little bug speaks up to ask what is wrong with the slug. Other bugs chime in about the things that make them different, and the manager begins to realize the mistake she made. She goes back to apologize and get the slug to stay, changing the hotel to one for all.

What I loved: This is a delightful rhyming story about diversity and inclusion. When the slug comes and the manager rejects them as not being a bug, the other bugs point out how they are all different and with some features that might be less desirable (such as the stinkbug) and pave the way to making sure everyone is welcome. Both the child bug calling out the manager, and the way the manager apologizes and makes amends set a helpful example. Inclusion is a great message for young readers. The rhyming text has a great flow throughout, and children are sure to giggle at the dung beetle and stinkbug.

Colorful and detailed illustrations throughout capture the story with plenty of flair. Fans of bugs will definitely find a lot to enjoy as they explore the story.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the font is hard to read in low light, as it is black on top of some darker colors - it would have been helpful to switch to white color font for visibility. As is, this would be tough to read aloud at bedtime.

Final verdict: THE HOTEL FOR BUGS is a rhyming and colorful story about inclusion that works well for young readers.
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