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You don't have to be perfect to be a Good Egg
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The Good Egg wraps all attempts at helping others and being the supremely good egg into a high-pressure image of self. Being perfect ALL the time is too much pressure and the egg starts to crack. It makes the egg realize that he has to ease up on some of the pressure he has assumed and practice self-care. This is a big emotion that many children are dealing with if they have a reputation of being perfect. The Good Egg takes time to relax and heal before returning to the high-pressure homelife he is used to. He loves his family and they have a bit more respect for him now that he isn’t swooping in to always be perfect. Overall, his homelife didn’t exactly change but his response to others’ behavior is a healthier reaction.

Final Verdict: Once again, Jory John and Pete Oswald do a great job of taking big emotions and making them engaging and relatable to children. This is a great series for teachers, parents, and counselors to help children develop healthy habits of self-care.

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