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Young Adult Fiction 237
The Gifts That Bind Us
(Updated: November 22, 2022)
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It's senior year and Maeve and her friends carry on after they helped break the Housekeeper's spell over Lilly. In the process, they all have some supernatural gift. Mixed into all of this is the uncertainty of their futures after school. Only the Children of Brigid aren't finished with them. Little by little their gifts of magic leave. Now it's up to Maeve to have the courage to not only stop the Children of Brigid but to save her friendships as well.

What worked: Derry Girls meets the paranormal world in this sequel to ALL OUR HIDDEN GIFTS. Engaging story follows Maeve and her friends during the last year of school. The author nails the insecurities that come with worrying if friendships will last after school. Then there's Roe, Maeve's boyfriend, who goes off to college and later, tours with a rock group. Maeve worries if their relationship will last.

The Children of Brigid are homophobic and taunt those from the GLBTQ community. Their presence even shows up at St. Bernadette's with force lectures that come right out of a bad 1950s movie. Maeve stands up against the hatred, especially when it's directed at Roe. But behind the gist of super-conservative Christianity, this group has a more sinister plan that involves destroying the magic of those like Maeve.

This story is much more than witchy Irish magic. There is humor, mysticism, and the allure of dark magic. Plus, it's a coming-of-age story of the true value of friendship.

Good Points
1. Derry Girls meets paranormal world
2. Witchy Irish magic
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