The Force of Magic: Book One

The Force of Magic: Book One
Publisher Name
Clarity 4 Truth Press
Age Range
Release Date
December 09, 2022
As long as anyone can remember, the Dominion has held the land of Cairn within its iron grasp. Using overwhelming force and powerful magic, they are seemingly unbeatable. Now the Overlord, ruler of all, is failing. He has ordered the Guild of the Helm, powerful sorcerers and magic users, to find a cure for his wasting health.

A young soldier...desperate to return home to help his mother on their family farm, volunteers for their experiments, with unexpected results.

A young girl...taken from her family, abused, and handed over for a life of servitude is called to join the experiments.

Can these two young heroes overcome their fears to stand against such a great evil? Read The Force of Magic to find out.

  • Blending magical fantasy adventure, with super heroes and villains, this is a fantasy story unlike anything you've ever read.
  • Book One of the Trilogy - Book Two is coming mid-2023 and Book Three in time for Christmas 2023.
Readers are saying:
  • A fantasy world to get lost in
  • You begin to ask yourself what a hero really is, and what you would be willing to do for freedom
  • This genre isn't my usual choice, but I started reading and it's gripping!
  • The story is very character driven and I want to know what happens

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