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I read this book because my cousin made me. She really likes this book and so does one of my closest friends. So I was like, "Okay. Sure. I'll give it a try." And let me tell you, I expected it to be WAY better than it actually was because it got so much hype, and so many people like it. This book is on my Top Least Favorite Books list. Some people say, "I loved this book. It was amazing," or, "This book broke my heart," or the fangirls say "lafjkghgkjf." And I'm over here saying, "I didn't shed a tear," and, "I wanted to throw this book at the wall because it bugged the crap out of me-"

Here are some things I didn't like:
*The word Okay: It was used way too much. And it was used at times when it didn't make sense. Because of this book and it's over-usage of okay made that word my least favorite word.
*The characters: They were not realistic. As some other reviewers say, "They are cardboard cutouts." The characters have no depth to them, and no personalities. The main character was pretty rude and really whiney. And the teenagers didn't act or talk like teenagers. I don't know any teenagers who can talk like that without rehearsing. The main characters were getting so annoying that half way through the book I was like, "JUST DIE ALREADY!" (Note: I had not seen any spoilers but it's a YA book so someone is bound to die). I wanted to kill the characters myself because they were driving me up the wall and driving me crazy.
*Bad parenting: The parenting was terrible. What kind of mom lets their kid go home with someone they have known for a few minutes, bad lesson. If I was the mom I would say, "No, you have to know them for at least two weeks before you go to their house." Plus the parents were being bossed around by their kids. Shouldn't the parents be the bosses and not the other way around?
*The Genie thing: There actually is a foundation like that called the Make a Wish Foundation. And they got no credit.
*(Mild Spoiler) The death: If it was narrated it would have been sadder and I probably would have cried. Instead I laughed. (End Spoiler)
*Insta-love: Need I say more?

Things I liked:
*Peter Van Houten: He was the only thing I liked about this book. He was the only character who, to me, had a personality and was more than a cardboard cutout. I liked him because he taught that just because you are sick doesn't mean you get special treatment all the time. He was also the only character to keep me sane while reading this book because he was rude to the main characters and I hated the main characters. He was my favorite character.

Over-all I really hated this book. If you like crappy, so-called sad and heart-breaking realistic fiction books then go ahead and read this book. If you don't like those kind of books you can try reading this, it's your choice, but it might not work out for you. If it does good for you.
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