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Female Musicians that Paved the Way
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The Fastest Drummer plays homage to Viola Smith, a groundbreaking female drummer born in 1912. Viola was encouraged to pick an instrument and join the family band to make music together. I love the closeness and fun they must have had jamming together and onstage. It is hard to convey music and motion in a still medium like illustrations, but Susanna Chapman did a phenomenal job. The use of swirling strokes and bold clashing colors went a long way to conveying the crashing boom of an enthusiastic drummer. Viola is credited with a pivotal article during the 40’s, when men were leaving for war making it easier for females to get a job as musicians. With this chance, women blew up the music scene and paved the way for females today. Viola Smith was not a name I was familiar with so I like that this biography shed some light on her many accomplishments. One of the coolest facts was she was still rocking to the beat at 100. I appreciated the background information and glossary in the back. The illustrations were fantastic although when reading about real events and people I always appreciate if a photograph is included, which this book did not have. Overall, this is a great biography giving recognition to a talented female musician who paved the way for others. This book would also be great for drummer enthusiasts as well.
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