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The F Word Review
(Updated: June 11, 2019)
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I'm not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical when I started this book. As someone in a wheelchair, who struggles tremendously with weight and body image, I was very nervous. This book is everything, though. It's incredible.

The struggles both of the main characters face are so real, and the authors handled them perfectly. There were so many moments when I was reading that made me tear up because of how well it was done.

I wish I'd had this book about 10 years ago. I've been physically disabled my whole life. I was never able to crawl, let alone walk. This has always been my life, and one I've accepted, but there are still bad days. The body image issues are much more prominent in my life. It's something I'm still working on. So, to have this book fall into my lap that deals with both... it just about melted my heart.

The book is very well written. There's a good pace to it and nothing feels forced. I absolutely love the characters. Not even just Peyton and Cameron--I love Nari and Julian and the others! I cannot wait to read the other books about these other characters. I already have the next book, The N Word, and it's taking every bit of will power I have to not jump into it yet (darn school and responsibilities!).

I highly recommend this book. It deals with a lot of important subjects, but it's also a cute contemporary. It's funny in parts, adorable in others, and it made me very happy overall.

*Original review on Functionally Fictional.*
Good Points
- Deals with important subjects well.
- Funny and adorable.
- Very well written.
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