The Dragon Flyers

The Dragon Flyers
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October 08, 2021
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There is so much more to learn about dragons! And David must learn quickly if he wants to get into the secret Dragon Flyer’s Club! Fortunately, he has his friend Joe and the Dragon Book of Secrets to help him. Will David heed the words of the book? Or follow his own ideas, and risk his friendship with his dragon and his chances of getting into the Club? Come along with David and Moonlight on new adventures as they enter the high-flying, fun, and secret world of The Dragon Flyers! An imaginative and exciting book with a relatable hero. Kids will love the vivid imagery and the innovative story, and parents will love the lessons of friendship, responsibility and perseverance.

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Work together as a team.
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What worked:
The pace of the book is very rapid which should appeal to reluctant readers. The chapters are short and include illustrations of the characters and their dragons, and the whole thing can be read in one sitting. The plot follows David and his dragon Moonlight, as David hopes to join the elite Dragon Flyers team. He must learn everything in the “Dragon Book of Secrets” before applying for membership. He then participates in his first act as a new member, and this whole story is completed in under 60 pages.
The characters and dragons are quite interesting despite limited descriptions. David is surprised to learn the Dragon Flyers are led by a girl, but he’s happy to become a member alongside his best friend Joe. The individual dragons have unique powers that are very useful when upholding the Dragon Flyers Motto: defenders of right, righters of wrong. David’s dragon is able to control moonlight, while another one is able to hide using camouflage. The first adventure involves rescuing one of their comrades.
What didn’t work as well:
The problem with a book this short is it leaves out details concerning the characters and plots. Little time is given to a backstory, so readers are thrown right into the action from the beginning. We’re left wondering about the world happening beyond David’s location, how David became paired with a dragon, and exactly who the Dragon Flyers are defending.
The Final Verdict:
Work together as a team. The premise of the book is great, especially having dragons with unique abilities working together. More description and details would make this book meatier, as it feels like it’s over just as it gets started. I know there are at least two more books in the series, so I recommend reading them all at the same time.
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