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The Do-Over was my first book by Lynn Painter, and now I need to go out and buy her previous novel, Better Than the Movies, because I absolutely loved this one.

Aging myself here with these incoming references, but The Do-Over gave off Ferris Buellers Day Off vibes, as well as Groundhog Day – two absolute cult classics. I really enjoyed how the author tied these similarities into her work, but made it her own.

I was happy to see the author choose a holiday that was not Christmas or Halloween. In my opinions those two are just way over used for time-loop novels (for good reasons, I know.. but still). Valentine’s Day was a nice change of pace, after all, we’ve all wished we could re-do a perfect Valentine’s at least once, right?

I enjoyed that the author didn’t over-do it with having Emelie relive the holiday, but at the same time I feel like she got off way too easy. She quickly accepted the fact she would have to do Valentine’s Day over and over until it was “perfect.” I think I would have liked a little bit more of a freak out. Or at least a full day, at least.

That being said, the growth and discovery throughout the looping days was on-point.

I would have liked more insight into Nick’s feelings for Emelie. Until the DONC (which I loved by the way), it honestly seemed like neither of the two thought much of the other. That being said, the author does a FANTASTIC job of building their chemistry *hehe* in such a short amount of time – the fact that it wasn’t “insta-love” was even better, as I’m so not a fan.

Another thing I really enjoyed about The Do-Over is Emelies confessions. Each chapter was headlined with one and we even got to know a few more during DONC. I honestly would read a whole book with just these confessions.

The side characters, while rarely seen, made an amazing support system when needed. I’d enjoy seeing them more, maybe on their own.

The Do-Over is a fun, emotional, and wholesome romance for the ages. A must read for any YA RomCom lovers!

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