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I thought The Disreputable History was a quick, good read, but I don't feel the affection for it everyone else seems to.

Part of my issue is Frankie herself. Now, don't get me wrong. I know what it's like to be a teen feeling conflicted about herself and completely sure you're right (that's not to say you're wrong, but I often look back at myself and just shake my head a bit). So, I can really understand that aspect of her, but I still don't particularly like her.

I was kind of cringing watching Frankie go on and on about feminism while staying with a guy who so apparently thought little of her. Sure, she would acknowledge this -- she wasn't blind to it -- but she didn't do anything until the end. And, while I think Matthew's reaction was overblown, I couldn't really understand why it surprised her so much. He constantly shut her up when she was attempting an intelligent conversation by telling her she was adorable -- and not in the cute looks way.

I didn't like the way counselling was just thrown in at the end and then subsequently brushed aside. I didn't like that the narrator made Frankie seem above or better than counselling. Now, I don't think we should just throw kids at counselors whenever they do something we don't understand, but it shouldn't be treated as a slight to one's person-ness. I mean, Frankie was all about how nobody understood her, but she wouldn't tell anyone how she felt.

As for the other characters?
Porter: There's no excuse for cheating, but from what we see of his character, he's a much better guy than the other two options.
Alpha: Guy with a giant ego who's a little bit of a douche-face. I found it interesting that Matthew and Frankie were the only two characters who really showed true, unabashed admiration for him.
Matthew: Insecure guy who needs other people to be around him and validate his coolness. Also a bit of a douche-face.
Trisha: Pretty much an all-around great friend. Always there for Frankie besides the fact that Frankie is kind of a crap friend throughout the book.

So, it sounds a bit like I hated it, I know. I didn't, though. It was a pretty good read, but the problem is that I have nothing in particular to point out that I really enjoyed.

The Nutshell: The Disreputable History didn't live up to my expectations put on it by the many bloggers singing its praises. I wanted to like it more, but I didn't find Frankie at all relatable, nor any of the other characters. Relatability isn't exactly a requirement for me to like a book, but I should at least feel some way or another about the character (and preferably not a constant state of annoyance). I don't think my time spent with this story was wasted, but I likely would not have picked it up had I known I'd feel pretty indifferent with a hint of annoyance after reading it.

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