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With several pages dedicated to poop humor, The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess lives up to its title. While Dinosaur and Danny want to help a princess in distress, they don't know where to find her. In their journey through fairy tale land, they encounter a wide variety of familiar and beloved characters, such as The Gingerbread Man, Three Little Pigs, and Prince Charming. It seems that Dinosaur has been swallowing up these characters at each stop and his stomach is getting bigger and bigger as the story progresses.

Dinosaur and Danny finally find a princess in a tower and try to save her, but the princess says she doesn't need any help. The girl is not trapped in the tower as Dinosaur and Danny believe, but she prefers to stay in it because she likes it so much. There is a whole message of how girls don't need boys to save them and it's empowering for children to read.

Dinosaur feels his stomach rumbling and the next thing you know, he is pooping out everything he's eaten. The princess is covered in poop. While I found the poop illustrations a little over the top, my son found them hilarious. Overall, I really enjoyed the illustrations and thought they brought the story to life.

I highly recommend this book for children who enjoy silly books, especially ones with poop jokes in them.
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