The Dinosaur in the Garden

The Dinosaur in the Garden
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May 21, 2024
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It’s been millions of years since this dinosaur has been so excited. There’s a girl—a curious girl—exploring the land right where he used to live!

Will she be the one to find the clues he left millions of years ago?

Could she be the one to bring his story back to life?!

This lyrical picture book captures the vastness of geologic time while also showing how close the traces of the distant past can be—as long as we are curious enough to look.

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A Enjoyable Book about Dinosaurs
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The Dinosaur in the Garden is a book written from a dinosaur's perspective. The dinosaur takes you back through history telling the story of what happened to the dinosaurs and then he realizes that a girl is exploring where he used to live. The story goes on with the dinosaur talking about the clues he has left about himself in the garden.

What I like: The book being told from the dinosaur’s perspective instantly grabbed my attention and made the story come to life. I enjoyed it when the story shifted from the dinosaur talking about the past to the present day and how involved he remained in the story.

I appreciated how the author included humor in the story by providing facts about the dinosaur. In the beginning, there is a moment in which the dinosaur shares that he is a carnivore by stating that other dinosaurs were delicious, this had me laughing and sharing this moment with those around me. This is revisited later when the dinosaur sees a dog and mentions how it would be a good snack…I mean friend.

This book travels through time from the dinosaurs existing on earth to the present day where the child is exploring the garden, to the future where all the bones from that dinosaur have been found. I liked how the story takes you through the progression of time in which it would take to find all the dinosaur bones. As time passes while searching for the bones you get to see the child grow up to become a paleontologist and this was a great addition to show children an option for when they grow up.

Final Verdict: The Dinosaur in the Garden is an enjoyable book that looks at the history of dinosaurs and what the present day looks like. This story is a great read for children 4-8 years old and is a great introduction to dinosaurs and reading.

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