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Another Awesome Verse Novel!
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What made me keep turning the page?

The mystery behind Amber and Cade’s separate stories
Discovering bit by bit what it was “the day before”
The chemistry between Amber and Cade
Being able to put myself in Amber’s shoes
The believability of the story and characters, even though the story was unimaginable
The tribute to music and movies
The awesome setting of the beach

Some of My Favorite Quotes:

when I read a book,
I want to savor
each word,
each phrase,
each page,
loving the prose
so much,
I don't want it
to end.
Other times
the story pulls me in,
and I can hardly
read fast enough,
the details flying by,
some of them lost
because all that matters
is making sure
the character
is all right
when it's over."
"There is something
about a lighthouse.
In the dark of the night,
hold on to the light,
and you’ll get
back home safely.
I need a personal lighthouse."

Any complaints?



YA Contemporary Fans

Final Thoughts…
Ok, if you read my previous review you will see I’m on a Lisa Schroeder kick here; and if you have ever read any of Lisa’s books you will know why! (Plus I have two more coming in the mail). The Day Before was fantastic! It had everything I love in a book: a strong female (with a problem nobody would want), a swoon worthy boy (who doesn’t want to burden the strong female with his problem…at least at first), a sweet romance, and lessons learned about life. This book was lyrical and so meaningful! The author addresses what it really means to be lucky. She shows us that sometimes it takes another person’s perspective to make us understand how lucky we really are, despite our problems.
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