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The Davenports
(Updated: January 07, 2023)
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It's Chicago 1910 and the Davenports are one of the few wealthy Black families in the city. Mr. Davenport is a formerly enslaved man who founded the Davenport Carriage Company years ago. Within his family there is drama. The oldest Olivia is set to marry a handsome man from England but falls for a very charismatic civil rights leader. Helen loves tinkering with cars. Amy-Rose is a childhood friend who now is a maid to the Davenport sisters and longs to be with their brother. Ruby is a friend of the Davenport sisters and has a secret about her family's current status.

There's romance, parties, and even civil unrest. The story shows a little-known part of our history with Black Americans who had wealth and status. At the opening of the story readers see that even though Olivia comes from wealth, she still encounters racism due to the color of her skin by a store clerk who assumes she's a maid. Then there's childhood friend Amy-Rose who longs for much more than friendship with John but sees firsthand how others look down on her due to her being biracial.

Lush descriptions of the time period include the costly gowns, wealthy parties, and struggles that go on within families. The conflicts are shown with parents trying to force marriages on their children to keep face and also wealth in their families. Add to this betrayals, lies, and secrets that will have some in the Davenport family question not only their social status but their true desires.

Totally engaging diverse historical romance that had me wishing all the characters got their heart's desires.
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1. Historical romance set at the turn of the 20th century Chicago with an all Black cast
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