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What I Loved: Vesper Vale has grown up in the slums of the fifth ring of the city under constant threat that the supernatural storm surrounding the city will come crashing down on all she loves at any time. She grew up feeling inadequate under the stories of her parents’ attempt to overthrow the Regia and bring greater equality to those on the edge of the storm. Her brave mother was caught and chose to enter the storm rather than face execution. Her Pa has been in hiding with her for 12 years.
When she tries to be brave like her parents during a storm, she is left homeless with nearly everyone she knows dead. Taking things from bad to worse, as soon as her Pa uses ikonomancy to save her, Prince Dalca and his brute friends Casvian and Izamal are alerted to his hiding place and soon have him in custody.
She works her way into the palace as an apprentice for Casvian to find out where her Pa is and free him before his trial. She does not expect to make friends with Izamal or see that Dalca is a noble Prince put in an impossible responsibility to save the city. Her tentative friendship and trust in Dalca could save them all or just be one more mistake in a long chain of bad decisions.
She keeps her heart open and vulnerable during terrible trials that others around her don’t all pass. For her ability to accept all parts of herself she is given a terrible curse from a forgotten queen. However, she now has the power to save everyone. It only costs her everything she has left to give.
It was endearing to see Casvian’s character growth during the trials they faced. I was surprised at the fate of Izamal and the depth of his pain and hatred for those who held him as a friend. Vesper’s humanity may save them all and it will be exciting in the next book to see if they can save her. Dalca has a lot of pain to work through and decisions to face. Now that the storm has lifted there are many left weird and twisted from feeling the storm’s touch. So far, they have been shunned and are pitied. I wonder if they can find peace and recovery with her new ability and Dalca coming into power.
Final Verdict: For fans of Nightrender by Jodie Meadows and Ruined by Amy Tintera this fast-paced fantasy will feel like a nice mix of the two. It has a slow-burn romance of people brought together from two walks of life. It has betrayal and redemption and a bit of magic to keep you turning the pages without stopping. I look forward to the sequel.
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