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THE COW SAID BOO! is a cute story about a cow with a cold. The cow wants to say hello to her friends, but with her cold, she says Boo! The cold also makes her a little clumsy, and she runs into a clothesline, picking up a sheet. She scares the other animals on the farm without meaning to. When everyone else is asleep, the cow spots a fox sneaking onto the farm, and she uses her cold to say boo and scare it away. The other animals say she is a hero and they help nurse her back to help - but then they all get a cold.

What I loved: This was an overall silly story that children will giggle at. Readers who have had a cold before will understand the way that it changes the way you talk. The text has a good rhythm that reads very smoothly. The colorful illustrations add to the fun of the light-hearted story.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the cow only gets help from friends after she is a hero, and this seemed a bit strange. Also, the fox was not totally clear as an enemy to all these farm animals, but I guess it remains pretty nonthreatening.

Final verdict: Silly and cute, THE COW SAID BOO! is a light-hearted picture book with Halloween flair.
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