The Brave Little Gorilla

The Brave Little Gorilla
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milky way
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November 02, 2021

Discover the story of a brave gorilla who is unfairly accused of stealing — but, sooner or later, the truth will come out of someone's mouth!

Little Gorilla stole the flamingo’s eggs! Vervet, who was hiding behind an old stump, saw him! Well, at least, that is what he thinks he saw… And that is what he tells Chimpanzee. And there they go, on the heels of this naughty bandit. But Little Gorilla is only helping his grandfather. Is Vervet making wrong assumptions?

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Entrusted the task of retrieving the eggs by his grandfather, Little Gorilla pulls forth his courage to do it without hesitation. Along the way, he meets a flamingo who's friendly and commends him on how brave he is. But Vervet sees this exchange and thinks Little Gorilla is stealing the flamingo's eggs. As the Little Gorilla continues his journey, he meets more animals who are happy to help. With each interaction, Vervet mistakes what he sees and thinks Little Gorilla is naughty. For example, Vervet thinks the feathers to carry the eggs are stolen rather than given.

THE BRAVE LITTLE GORILLA teaches children that you should have all your facts straight before you accuse anybody of anything. It also shows the importance of being kind and brave. The illustrations are in bold colors and are sketch-like, but aren't vivid enough to capture your attention. Animals as the main characters are sure to intrigue children, especially with how polite and brave Little Gorilla is. He makes for a good role model.

Final Verdict: I like the message of the book and feel like children can benefit from hearing it, but the images aren't as eye-catching as you would hope for a children's novel. Still a highly recommended read to teach children about courage, kindness, and not to make claims before you have all the information.
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