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The Boyfriend App was a fun read, but I had a few problems.

1) It's not a major problem, really, but Audrey talked about so many different guys I wasn't even sure who she liked for 1/3 of the book. Like I said, not a big deal, but I found it confusing.

2) What kind of high school (no matter how influential popular girl's daddy is and who she's related to) lets someone get away with bashing a student's head into a dumpster so that she passes out? That's really not okay.

3) No app can promise true love forever and it was my understanding that Audrey was just helping match people up. How can the world be pissed off that some of the relationships didn't work? Some of them did, so there's obviously something to it, it's not a money-back guarantee, though.

4) How am I the only one who seems to have a moral dilemma about messing with the hormones in a guy to make him go all lusty for you? Seriously, not one guy ever complained and most of them had to have known they were "under the influence."

5) Is it just me, or does Public Party seem like a revamped Myspace? Myspace, really??

6)Danny Beaton seems to be the only music that exists.

7) The transitions were clunky. I often found myself wondering if I'd skipped a page or missed a paragraph.

Besides all that, there were some things I liked:

1) Hacking is cool.

2) I liked that not everything was completely tied up in the end, though it was still a pretty happy ending overall.

3) Lindsay and Nigit are adorable.

4) I liked Audrey's group of friends. Nigit was amusing (I find the impromptu Michael Jackson dance/song highly amusing). It was nice to watch Mindy grow into her own a bit. Lindsay is about the best friend/cousin one could ever ask for. Aidan was cool, but he lacked a little bit of character since it seemed he was mostly there for love interest status.

The Nutshell: The Boyfriend App was a potato chip read: good and slightly addictive, but empty brain calories in the end. I enjoyed it and finished it quickly, but I had quite a few problems along the way.

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