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This was a cute, quick read, but I didn't love it quite as much as I did the first one.

Ruby annoyed me a little. I suppose my main issue is that she kind of blew off the guy I thought she should be with until it was too late. I do understand a bit of what she was going through, though. I mean, she'd lost all her best friends, her boyfriend, and her reputation was tarnished so it's only natural that she'd be confused about a lot of things.
I can't really understand all the guy drama, though. I went to a really small school. Seriously, I'm talking k-12 all in one building. And yet, I never experienced, or really even heard about, the kind of guy drama that goes on in Ruby's world. The only thing that even comes close is this: I liked my best friend's boyfriend for quite some time. I never flirted with him or anything (not on purpose, at least), but we'd been pretty good friends before they were even together. My friend knew that I liked him, but I assured her I'd never do anything since he was her boyfriend and she seemed fine with that. But slowly, the boy stopped talking to me altogether. I found out later, after I'd more or less grown apart from her as best friends anyway, that she's told him all sorts of things about me being secretly slutty (which is just laughable). It pissed me off for a bit, but it was really just a blip.
So what I mean to say is I just don't understand how Ruby and her friends can have this big falling-out when the guy in question is obviously a giant douche.

Well, this has turned into quite the ramble. Story time's over now, though, so I'll leave it at: I enjoyed reading it well enough, but I didn't like it as much as the first. Hoping to see Ruby grow and mature a bit more in the next book.
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