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A refreshing tale with one heck of a couple that sets it apart from all other Dystopians out today.
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What I Loved: Ivy. Plain and simple. That girl is just all kinds of awesome and I admired her character so much. Her loyalty was so unwavering, even when it was detrimental to her, she would not budge. And I appreciated her views on how their society was shaped and the injustice, not to just women, but to men as well once she thought about it (even though the men still get the longer end of the stick, so to speak). And Bishop, well that boy won me over after that laundry scene, that’s for sure. Such a sweetheart. Also, I totally ship Ivy and Bishop in the best possible way. Watching them fall in love was so pleasurable. They have a kind of innocent, slow-building romance that’s hard to capture and I think Angel did an amazing job. I certainly fell for them as a couple.

Left Me Wanting More: Like I said above, I loved Ivy, but at times she surprised me in a bad way. Considering her views on things, she surprised me with how she never acted on them. A lot of things happen in this book, in particular, an abusive marriage she sees clear as day in front of her face, and she does nothing about it. Yes, I know she was all about “the plan” and laying low, but for someone with such strong morals and beliefs, I expected more from her in that aspect. I’ve seen it time and time again when MCs see something they don’t like, they do something about it. Yes, often times the consequences for their actions is dire, but then that’s what builds suspense and drama and moves the story along. Ivy was a bit too cautious in that way, which I didn’t like and it made the story move just a tad slowly at times.

Final Verdict: The Book of Ivy was a very enthralling introduction to what I’m sure will be one of my favorite dystopian series, and that’s saying something! Kill me with that cliffhanger though, now I’m dying for Book 2.
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