The Blood Gift

The Blood Gift
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April 18, 2023
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In this stunning conclusion to N. E. Davenport’s fast-paced, action-packed sci-fantasy duology, elite warrior Ikenna and her rogue cohort must outrun bounty hunters, their former comrades, and a megalomaniacal demi-god, all in the hopes of saving their friends and enemies from the racist and misogynistic oppression that threatens the continents from all sides.

After discovering the depth of betrayal, treachery, and violence perpetrated against her by Mareen’s Tribunal Council and exposing her illegal blood-gift to save her Praetorian squad, Ikenna becomes a fugitive with a colossal bounty on her head.

Yet, somehow, that’s the least of her worries.

Her grandfather’s longtime allies refuse to offer help, and the Blood Emperor’s Warlord is tracking her. She’s also struggling to control the enormous power she was granted by the Goddess of Blood Rites…and come to terms with the promises she made to get such power.

Amidst all of this, the Blood Emperor wages a full-scale invasion against Mareen and leaves a trail of decimated cities, war crimes, and untold death in his wake. As the horrors increase, Ikenna and her team realize they must assassinate the Blood Emperor and quickly end the war. But the price to do so is steep and has planet-shattering consequences.

The price to do nothing, though, is annihilation.

War has erupted. Alliances are fracturing. And Ikenna is torn between her loyalties, her desires for revenge, and the power threatening to consume her. With the world aflame, only one thing is certain: blood will be spilled.

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To save the home that hates her she must kill.
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What I liked:
The Blood Gift completes The Blood Gift Duology, and Ikenna brings us to a satisfying conclusion. The story is action-packed from start to finish as Ikenna comes into her power and learns to harness it to the full extent. Ikenna is a wonder as a character. She is cocky, arrogant, and extraordinarily talented and embodies all that is female in a role usually cast for male characters. The found family aspect of this novel is refreshing as her friends could not back her up when she chose to fight against a homeland that she fought so hard to be respected in.
Final Verdict:
Overall the story was well-paced, and I did feel drawn out of the report at any point. However, I was engaged with and fighting alongside Ikenna as she fought to save those who scorned her and her kind. A duology worth reading and getting immersed in
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