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Reader reviewed by Bettina

Sam Enthoven weaves an astonishing tale when he introduces Jack and Charlie. Jack is essentially just a normal kid, but Charlie is just naturally "cool." It's a wonder how too opposite personalities became friends, but that's just what Jack and Charlie are, good ones at that too.

One day and one tattoo are all that is needed for Jack and Charlie to be flung into an adventure of barfing bats, extreme martial arts, and the end of the world.

The tattoo is actually the mark of an evil entity known as "the Scourge" who is totally bent on destroying the universe, and uses people like Charlie (who know has the moving tattoo on his back) to bring it about. A much deluded Charlie must be stopped by Jack and a friend, Esme, before he actually does travel to "Hell" to end the universe.

Hell isn't what you think it is. Entertainment seeking emperors and gladiator fights everyday where you can die (wellwell, turns out Hell's not the place you go...) are just the beginning.

This excellent fantasy is every reader's dream: Humor, adventure and witty remarks all wrapped up in one brilliant author's concoction. It isn't short, but every word will leave the reader yelling for more.
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