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Comic Books & Goth Meets a new twist on YA Contemp Boy/Girl relationships
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AmaZING. And, GOTH GIRL RISING is even better.
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When I started reading THE ASTONISHING ADVENTURES OF FANBOY AND GOTH GIRL I loved the premise right away. The title is great, and the characters are well written. The story centers around fanboy (he doesn't become Fanboy until the end), an introvert who is using a dilapidated computer from circa 1970 to create a graphic novel that will afford him a one way ticket out of podunk. He's currently trapped with his prego mother and the man she cheated on his father with, and school sucks a shiny red dodgeball to the shoulder a thousand times in the same spot, literally. Fanboy has to take it, and keep taking it. Unless his graphic novel will be seen by THE MAN: Brian Michael Bendis. If you're not a comic fanboy, you probably don't know him, either. Don't hurt yourself.

When Goth Girl enters fanboy's life and renames him, the result is amazing chemistry than keeps the reader turning pages until the book is over. And then, you'll realize it's a series and move on to GOTH GIRL RISING just as quickly as I did. I literally put one book down and picked the next one up. Goth Girl is strong (on the surface) and a complicated mess of a girl inside. Who isn't complicated when they've got blue black hair and permanent mourning clothes, a street cred you don't want to mess with, drives like that Meatloaf song, and smokes like a housefire?

You wouldn't think there could ever be a couple as different as this, but something about the bizarre combination makes it ASTONISHING. See? He warned you up front.

I love the story within the story framework and the nuances of Goth lingo with Comic Boy Geek Speak. Two disparate languages converging in one beautiful story you'll be glad you read.

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