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First, let me say that this book had great world building. I could definitely tell that Victoria Schwab put a lot of thought into how the Archive worked and the rules of the Archive. I loved reading about the different parts of the Archive and how it worked. That was definitely one of the more enjoyable parts of this book.

I really liked Mackenzie as a main character. She was well-developed and I think that she was a relatable character. I liked reading about her and about her job in the Archive. I think that she was a very strong character for this book.

I loved Wesley. Wesley is someone Mackenzie meets in her new home. He was a funny, relaxed character that I really loved. He was a funny and laid back character as well as he was really sweet and nice to Mackenzie.

I think that the plot for this book was very good. It had many twists and turns and maintained a good pace for most of the book. I really had a great time reading this book because it was really interesting and I haven't read anything that is similar to this so it was something completely different.

The mystery in this book was great. I didn't really have the slightest idea of who the culprit is and Schwab does a good job of keeping you guessing until the very end, which was great.

The ending was a good ending and I quite liked how it ended. It wasn't a cliffhanger and it wasn't sad, so that is a good ending in my books.
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