The Amarisian Prophecies: The Reckoning

The Amarisian Prophecies: The Reckoning
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July 21, 2022
Teens Nadia, Afsana, Yibinathi, and Min-Ji are strangers. They live in different countries, their own demons to conquer, their own dangers to face. But when they are pulled into a Thura Gate -a bridge between our world and the magical realm of Amaris-they come together to discover a universe larger than anything they ever dreamed...and peril greater than anything they ever feared.

Amaris hovers on the brink of destruction: the evil Queen Sathariel has risen, her Dark Forces are on the rise. And Amaris' protector, The Chosen-a teenage boy prophesied to destroy Sathariel and save the world-has been captured and imprisoned by the evil queen.

The only way to save him, and to break Sathariel's hold on Amaris, is to find a trio of magical weapons that just might be enough to free The Chosen and destroy the evil queen.

No one who's tried to find the weapons has ever survived, so it's up to four strangers from Earth, who will have to put aside their personal and cultural differences, conquer their fears, and risk everything to save The Chosen.

But they'll have to move fast. For Sathariel's power has grown: she has broken the bonds of death to create an army of immortal soldiers that will help her complete her conquest of Amaris...and destroy any who stand in her way.

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Faith is the true power.
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What worked:
The evil Queen Sathariel controls Amaria with her dark magic but she’s worried the Yasha Prophecy will arise and end her reign. She decides to have all boys killed or imprisoned when they come of age to prevent the Chosen from appearing. This creates a captivating conflict for readers. They’ll follow the prophecy coming to pass despite the queen’s efforts but the author includes some uncertainties within the prophecy itself. The Chosen will have four defenders transported through the Thura Gate but the prophecy says one of them might be turned to the dark side, thus allowing Sathariel to remain in power. The queen’s demise isn’t explicitly foretold in the prophecy which leaves doubt as to exactly how the conflict will be resolved.
The four kids transported into this mystical world come from all walks of life so readers should be able to connect with at least one of them. Nadia’s parents suffer from substance abuse and she maintains a kind heart despite the dismal conditions in her London neighborhood. Afsana comes from a refugee camp on the Turkish border with Syria. Yibanathi has moved from Sydney, Australia, hoping to find a town more accepting of a rich black kid who likes to surf. Finally, Min-Ji is an obsessed gamer living in Seoul, South Korea, who suffers from anxiety attacks. All four of the kids have been treated differently by society and their experiences are necessary to bring change in Amaria.
The issue of religious tolerance is a major part of the plot. Sathariel’s arrival in Amaria alienates different factions in the realm and their concepts of a supreme being vary. As a result, the people/creatures have been isolated within their own regions and tensions rise when they interact. However, Nadia and her friends realize the groups’ beliefs are very similar but the names they use for their gods are the main difference. The kids must find a way to unite the vastly diverse sides if they have any chance of stopping Sathariel.
What didn’t work as well:
The book introduces many points of view early on which makes it more challenging to immediately connect with the characters. There are seven different setting changes in the first few chapters as the author introduces the Chosen, the four kids transported into the world to defend him, the antagonist, and the divine interpreters awaiting the arise of the Yasha Prophecy. The changes are clearly defined, which helps, and the events and settings become more focused once the characters come together.
The Final Verdict:
The adventure is entertaining although there are missed opportunities where the author might have added twists to create suspense. Stories with prophecies and inexperienced heroes are always engaging and I recommend you give this one a shot.
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