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Romance, royalty, and rebellion. Riven is on an unofficial mission to secure a target, but that sounds simple enough when it’s just a name to track. Everything changes when she meets him and discovers more about him and the people around him. Despite trying to cling on to her orders, things quickly get out of her control with a series of explosive twists and shocking revelations. Nothing quite goes to plan as more people get involved and more truths are uncovered. Riven is super strong and feisty, constantly battling with her feelings for Caden—the target—and others she comes across on her journey. She’s very untrusting (understandably) and doesn’t allow her emotions to get in the way, believing they’re a weakness that could get her killed. But that gets harder the more time she spends around Caden and others who care for her. The story is tense and exciting, and the world is incredibly well-imagined. The detail of technology introduced throughout and the “creations”, such as Vectors and hybrids, add extra risk to this cold world, making it hit home just how dangerous this alternate universe is.
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