The Accursed Vampire

The Accursed Vampire
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July 27, 2021
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In this spooky and funny middle grade graphic novel debut, a trio of vampire kids embarks on a quest that takes them to a mysterious small town, where they’ll find an unexpected sense of adventure—and belonging.

Dragoslava is a vampire kid. And that’s not even the worst part. A few centuries ago, Drago was cursed by a witch, and now they must complete every task the witch gives them, or they will be turned into worms.

When the witch tells Drago to bring her a spellbook from Baneberry Falls, they set off with their immortal friends, Eztli and Quintus. But mysteries await in this sleepy midwestern town. Are the keepers of the spellbook, Sara, a vampire, and Ayesha, a witch, as friendly as they seem? Or do they have a hidden agenda, like everyone else Drago has ever known?

One thing’s for sure: after this accursed mission, Drago’s immortal life will never be the same again!

In her debut graphic novel, Madeline McGrane tells a charming and compelling story about the worst vampires who finally have the chance to do something good.

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Fun and charming middle grade graphic novel
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Dragoslava is cursed. Years ago, they got on the wrong side of a witch, and now they have to do everything the witch demands. Drago just wants to be a typical vampire kid and hang out with their friends, Eztli and Quintus, but when the witch sends them on a mission to retrieve her stolen book, they have no choice. However, the people who took the book aren't what Drago expected. Sara is a fellow vampire, and Ayesha is a witch. As kind as they seem, Drago isn't sure they can be trusted. Drago will have to decide if they will betray their new friends or face the consequences of breaking the curse.

THE ACCURSED VAMPIRE is an absolutely adorable graphic novel with themes of friendship, bravery, and trust. Drago and their friends are a found family, and it's heartwarming to see Drago learn to accept love from others. I love the adventures they all get into, as well as their growing relationships with Sara and Ayesha. The general gloomy disposition of Sara and the lively, warm one from Ayesha make them a fun and often funny couple.

The illustrations are pitch perfect. They have just the right amount of humor, and the facial expressions are particularly on point. Though Drago is a vampire and their friends also enjoy a sip or two of blood, there isn't really any gore that could scare away readers uncomfortable with that.

Fans of Séance Tea Party and Beetle & the Hollowbones will love this story with similar themes about choosing your path, even when it looks scary and could have serious consequences, and learning to trust those around you.
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