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The 5th Wave Review - Good
(Updated: February 11, 2015)
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This book was so good. I loved reading it and I can tell you right now I will definitely reread this book. It was a great book to read.

So what I really liked the beginning and how it shows us Cassie's past and what happened to make her where she is today. It gives us insight into her life and I really liked that. Also, I like Cassie as a character. She knows enough to stay alive and be independent but is also lonely with only a bear to keep her company. I felt bad for her because she was alone and I commended her because she was still alive after everything that has happened in the world.

I liked how Rick Yancy doesn't just stay in one point of view, he deviates perspective. I personally love when there is more than one point of view to read from because it gives you more insight into what is happening.

Also, Rick Yancy does a great job of keeping you interested by not revealing everything that has happened right at the start of the book. He slowly reveals things which makes the book suspenseful and makes you as a reader curious so you read on. So he doesn't just flat out and say what the 4 previous waves were which I liked because it kept me interested throughout the whole book.
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