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I was drawn to this book because I was always fascinated by Amish culture, and the idea of a non-Amish girl and an Amish boy falling in love is absolutely amazing sounding! I love tales of forbidden romance, and Rose and Noah’s relationship is truly forbidden. I initially assumed that Rose and Noah met during his Rumspringa, but that’s not the case. I actually liked how Noah was completely in his community when he and Rose are together, since it added to the tension.

Just a word of warning: DO NOT read the preface! I read an ARC, so I’m not sure if the preface made it in the finished copies, but if it did, DO NOT read it! I was so mad when I read the preface, because it spoils a major turning point in the book! I don’t usually mind when there’s an intro that actually takes place late in the story, but I do mind when it reveals something that huge!

“That was the problem with English girls — they did what they wanted. But then again, maybe that was one of things that made Rose so intriguing…and dangerous to me (7% eARC).”

I absolutely loved Noah’s chapters! I really enjoyed learning more about the Amish way of life and their beliefs. It was interesting how behaviors I wouldn’t even think twice about are considered inappropriate for Amish women, but those same behaviors from Rose caught Noah’s attention. I almost wish the entire book was from his perspective, since it is so different than my own. Also, I sometimes find myself annoyed with Rose. Some of her reactions to the Amish community are ones that I’d imagine myself having, but then there are times when she acts like she never knew there were people different from her in the world. Occasionally her thoughts were down right rude.

Of course, Noah isn’t without his faults, but he’s been raised in a totally different manner, so I could understand his occasional sexist statements. Sometimes I would cringe when he was thinking about his future with Rose, but I don’t think he honestly could see what was wrong with some of his ideas. Those moments just made me want to keep reading though, to see how Rose would react when he eventually told her of his plans.

Overall, I loved this book. It did get a little repetitive at times, since Rose and Noah would sneak off together, then have to ignore each other, then Noah would find a way for them to sneak off together again, rinse and repeat. But it was also sweet, frustrating and heartbreaking. After that ending I’m so glad to realize that this is a series! I’m eager to learn more about Noah’s community!
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