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Picking up about 3 hours after the ending of Darklight, Tempestuous greets us with a heartbroken Sonny, wandering the streets of New York until he stumbles upon a group of Lost Fae who take him in. Kelley is also a wreck, but her heartbreak has her accidentally changed into a falcon who takes to the skies rather than the streets. Both of them are utterly lost, but they still have battles to fight. The rifts between the mortal world and the Otherworld are getting much much worse, and someone is out murdering Fae for no reason. It’s only a matter of time before they find whatever it is they’re looking for.

The beginning of Tempestuous is a little slow, with Sonny and Kelley just being heartbroken teenagers. Sonny does visit the Lost Fae’s hide out which was pretty interesting, but not much else happens. But about a third in, things finally pick up. There’s no shortage of magic and magical battles. It seems like some type of Fae or other thing was popping up trying to kill Sonny or Kelley at any moment. I was definitely kept on my toes. I also really appreciated how Sonny and Kelley mostly tried to treat each other as equals. Even though they wanted to protect each other, they also let the other do what they needed to do without much interference or arguing.

I was a bit disappointed in the resolution. There was so much action and stuff going on, but then all of the conflict is just kind of over. The major scheme to take over the mortal realm should have had a showier finish, but it didn’t. I was happy for a happy ending, but I think there should have been something more to make that happiness sweeter.

Tempestuous was a pretty good ending to a fun series. I loved all of the Fae and magical creatures that are introduced throughout these books and the mythology was great. I kind of wished that Kelley’s acting career had played a bit of a larger role though, since we’re reminded a few times of her aspiration but it never really went anywhere. I would still recommend these books to fans of Fae who are looking for a lighter, fun series.
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