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Tape - Steven Camden
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I had high expectations of this book and was expecting an emotional roller coaster, unfortunately it didn't meet these expectations
The plot was a little unadventurous and not many events actually occur. The idea of being connected by tapes is a nice idea and one which i was expecting to tear my heart to shreds with the emotion of it all, but not much time was spent on the tapes and it wasn't until the end that Ameliah and Ryan actually have a functional conversation.
I do like the characters in the story. Ameliah is the shy, conscious person with a loud and expressive friend. She rarely ever uses a phone and likes to read and listen to music, so if you are of similar taste, then you will warm to Ameliah. Ryan is the stereotypical younger brother of two who is beaten up, and finds his one true love right across the fence. He has the usual uselessness around girls that most boys have and if he were real, he would be a good friend.
The structure of the book is unique and regularly switches between Ameliahs' and Ryans' story, but this is of fault as you don't really connect with whichever story you read and it can be quite broken up.

Overall, this is a nice book, but i didn't excite me like i thought it would have which is a real shame.I love the characters, but the plot was weak and i didn't connect with the story properly.
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