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In this follow up to Ms. Lobel's 10 HUNGRY RABBITS, Mama Rabbit becomes ill and must rest in bed while Papa Rabbit leaves to get medicine for her. Her ten little rabbits decide to take it upon themselves to do things to make her feel better. They bring her hot chocolate and cookies and put ribbons in her hair, to name a few things. By the time Papa returns with her medicine, Mama is already out of bed and feeling better because of her children's efforts.

On the one hand, this is a very sweet story that helps children feel like they can contribute to their parents' well being when the parent is ill. It gives young readers a sense of power and purpose. And for many cases of mild parental illness, that sense of helping by bringing cookies or a drink is enough to give this book a positive impact on that child.

But for young readers whose parent is facing a serious illness that will keep them bedridden for a while, this book may send the wrong message. In that case, a child may need to understand the necessity of medicine and rest, and that there isn't something the child can do that will magically change things. There are books that deal well with that topic for young readers if that is the situation.

Overall, this is a sweet story with warm, vivid illustrations that help bring the story to life--I recommend it for children who simply want to explore some things they could do to cheer up a parent with a mild illness.
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